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Village Elementary School

Our Mission

In the Hartland Village Elementary School, we all work together to provide a caring environment in which every child will feel important and learn.

School Beliefs

The staff at Village Elementary School is in full support of all the Hartland District belief statements and would like to add the following:
We believe that:
  • Learning is a continuous lifelong process and all children can succeed.
  • Every child deserves an equal educational opportunity and the right to learn without interference in a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment.
  • High Expectations produce excellence.
  • All children need consistent, appropriate feedback on their behavior and achievements.
  • Children demonstrate their learning by applying what they have been taught.
  • Physical and mental health contributes to success.
  • The fine arts are an integral part of a child's education that help develop creative thinking skills.
  • It takes the combined effort and involvement of children, parents and all adults in the school environment to ensure learning, positive self-esteem and success for students.
  • Children can learn to have a sense of responsibility toward their community and world.
  • Education is ever-changing and capable of preparing children for the technology and problem solving skills needed in the 21st Century.
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