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Village Elementary School

Drop-off and pick-up procedures

I speak constantly about the importance of offering a warm, safe and friendly environment for our children to learn. As violence in our society continues to increase I feel it is imperative to maintain diligent safety measures here at the Village Elementary School.  Many of the processes in place will not be visible and will go relatively unnoticed. However there are areas that are going to require your help and patience as we work to make our school as safe as possible. While reading the following, please keep in mind that we are implementing these measures to keep all students, staff, and families safe at Village.

  1. Student Drop-off: When bringing children to school, we ask that you drive into the east lot and pull up to the cafeteria doors. Mrs. Theresa will be there to assist your child out of the car and into the building. Mrs. Theresa will be ready for student drop-off and cafeteria doors will open at 8:40am. Prior to 8:40 there is no supervision in the cafeteria and we are not prepared to receive students. Please note that teachers are not scheduled in classrooms until 8:50am. If you accompany your child into the cafeteria, please remain in the cafeteria until we release children to their classrooms. We respectfully request that you do not accompany your child to their classroom in the morning. If they need some assistance please let the office staff know. If you are visiting the Village, please report directly to the office, sign in and take a visitor badge.
  2. Sign Out: If you are picking up your child from school at the end of the school day, student sign-out is held in the cafeteria. Please park in the east lot and enter the building through the cafeteria doors. Those doors will not open until Ms. Gayle is prepared to sign students out of the building. All students will be sent to the gymnasium for after-school pick up. Once students are signed out, Ms. Gayle will call your child to meet you and exit the building. Again, we ask that you enter the building and leave the building through the cafeteria doors when signing out your child at the end of the day. This process is for safety purposes and we appreciate your patience.
  3. Please do not send minor children to sign-out your child(ren) from school. All students must be signed out by persons 16 years or older.
Sign-out area is quite busy at the end of the day, and our sole purpose for any and all procedures is to ensure, as best we can, the safety of our children.

Please make sure children are picked up from school prior to 4:00pm. Please do not take offense when you are asked to show identification as we have no other choice when it comes to our children’s safety. As always, we appreciate your ongoing support.

William C. Cain

Bell Schedule


*Provided by Hartland Area Historical Society

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