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Village Elementary School

Volunteer Opportunities

Heartfelt Thanks To Our Volunteers!
Do you have questions on volunteering, if so, please contact : Jackie Romzek at

Volunteer Opportunities For 2018:
September   -  Box Tops
October        -  Hedge Hog Hustle
December     -  Santa Shop, Santa Breakfast
 Help make a difference... Sign up to Volunteer TODAY!

PTO Board

PTO Board Members
2018-2019 Village PTO Board 
President-  Jackie Romzek-
1st Vice President-  Jacqui Tomyn-
2nd Vice President-  Marybeth Morrison- 
Treasurer-  Kim Ray-
Assistant Treasurer-  Brian Brown-
Assembly Coordinator-  Laura Rumble-
Secretary-  Jackie Janis-
Publicity-  Katrina Brown-
Reading-   Erin Your-
Jill Stern- jill 
Teacher Liaison-  Kirsten Eichhorn-

Description of the PTO Board Member Duties

PTO Board Member Duties

The President: presides at all meetings; coordinates work of all officers and committees; coordinates administrative communication; attends and reports on DPAC meetings.
The First Vice-President: acts as aid to the President; acts as liaison to teachers, parents, and volunteers; coordinates and oversees the work of their respective committees.
The Second Vice-President: acts as fundraising chairperson and communicates fundraising activities at meetings; organizes a fall and spring fundraiser; acts as chairperson for the nominating committee.
The Secretary: keeps the minutes of all PTO meetings; presents minutes to President and Principal; assists the board with general correspondence.
The Treasurer: maintains all financial records; presents a financial report at all meetings; is responsible for receipts and reimbursements; chairs a year-end budget meeting.
The Assistant Treasurer: works in unison with the Treasurer to maintain process and report all financial matters of the PTO.
The Assembly Coordinator: researches possible assemblies; seeks approval from the PTO and administration; coordinates the scheduling of assemblies and presentations.
The Publicity Coordinator: is responsible for supplying photographs to the
Community Life Newspaper; maintains and updates the PTO website, Facebook page, and bulletin board with information relating to school  activities.
The Reading Program Coordinator: is responsible for coordinating a year long reading incentive program, a fall kickoff assembly, and Family Literacy Night; coordinates with the Librarian for March is Reading Month; applies for reading grants.
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